Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pin Up

Otos Pin Up -kuvauksista. Tällä kertaa kameran edessä. Kuvaaja: Donna Maimon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life is like a toilet paper...

 They say life is like a toilet paper. First the roll seems big and it looks like it doesn't get any smaller, but then it starts to go faster and faster... The older you get the faster the roll seems to go towards the end. I fully agree; when I was a kid the weekends seemed to last forever as well as the long hot summer days. Now I can hardly recognize it is Saturday before it's gone! Oh dear!

My birthday is soon, hence the topic. ;)

photos we heart it

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dagens (in a really bad quality pics)

This is how I rolled today. ;) P.s. It was 8 am, I went to bed late -> of course I look tired. ;)

Statement necklace Zara, cashmere sweater Repeat, jeans Lindex.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


7 weeks ago I ordered two pairs of wellies from Hunter.

They did arrive 2 weeks after that. They were exactly as beautiful as i had imagined. The other pair was black and white and I could immediately see them be used on the hills of green English countryside or busy streets of London.

The other pair was.... two different sizes!! My foot is 37 and the other pair was 37, but the other one was enormous 38. I wanted to exchange the pair and so I did. I waited for 4 weeks (!!!) for the new pair to arrive. Finally they did. I opened the box and there they were: two different sizes AGAIN! The other 37 and the other 36.

I sent a pretty not happy email to hunter. They were very sorry and promised to send the right pair for me a.s.a.p. This was few days ago and I am waiting... Originally I wanted to make a happy post about my new rubber boots, but now I can't. This waiting and senting back boxes has worn me out complitely and has take the fun of having new boots away from me.

I love the pair that I have had for several weeks (see the pics bellow), but I am worried the snow will arrive before the other boots and then I have to wait until April to wear the pair!!!!! And because nice pair of Hunters aren't cheap I have been planning this purchase for a year... Oh, so frustrated!

Here they are; my fabulous Hunters, the pair that was right:

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Linnea Henriksson - Lyckligare nu

As a part of my happiness project and part one (boosting energy) I have paid attention to the music I am listening. It is mostly pretty happy and light, luckily! Here is a song I have listened a lot lately.... it happens to be about happiness! ;)

Have a happy Sunday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photolover's newest crush - Pinterest

I am allowed to pin only 5 minutes in a day. I made the rule as soon as I got hooked on Pinterest (and that was pretty much few seconds after I opened the site for the first time). I can see myself going through endless amounts of photos and spending hours and hours doing so if I didn't have the rule. ;) Seriously I don't pin everyday, don't have time for it.

Pinterest is a place where you can pin other's photos and they will appear on your board.

HERE you can see what I have pinned so far - and you can follow me as well.

Happy pinning! =)

Photo pinterest/ Rockie nolan