Friday, June 17, 2011

Starbucks is in Finland, sort of...

Yesterday I went to the local super market and what did I see: Starbucks ice coffee! I got super-excited, because unlike other big worldwide food/restaurant companies, I really do like Starbucks. Me and my sister went to the Starbucks to get coffee every morning in New York few years ago. And then we walked to the Central park to enjoy it. :) The Starbucks logo brings up lot of good memories: I use to drink it on the beach in Dominican Republic as well. So I bought this ice coffee and tasted it immediately: it was not good at all! I was disappointed and started to be even more so when I read what was in it: Three different kind of food additives plus aromas! :( So disappointing! 

I happened to taste the real Starbucks coffee last weekend, because my Canadian friend had it and that was as good as in NY. So YES to the Starbucks, but NO to this ready made ice coffee!


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