Thursday, February 16, 2012

My favorite fashion blogs

Mmmm hmmm I am not very loyal to any blog, but here are some of the blogs I visit as often as I can.

I either like blogs with lots and lots of photos (of fashions, weddings and other life style-things) or I like to read about other people lives and thoughts.

Here are the great fashion related blogs I follow if I have time:

5 INCH AND UP is an amazing blog with great photos and a good attitude towards fashion and photography. I adore her style and always wonder who is the photographer behinds these beautiful photos...

 5 inch and up

FASHIONTOAST-girl has a very cute style. And I love how tiny she is. I am not saying skinny, but tiny is that what makes her so adorable. She has the best sunnies... or maybe the best face for any sunnies? I don't know, but anyways stylish as!


The Cherry Blossom Girl is French all the way: classic, bohemian and very elegant all at the same time. The photos are very, very lovely. J'adore! I don't know what she does for living. Maybe she just poses for the photographer... Who cares, she's French! ;)

the cherry blossom girl

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