Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is the most famous travel destination in Croatia; Dubrovnik. It is old, beautiful, interesting, walkable, compact, slippery when raining and spooky when storming. It is best in the early morning light before it is occupied by the tourists from the enormous cruise ships. It is the most annoying in the heat of the midday when it is too crowded (some of the cruise tourists have teamed up wearing the same color shirt!). It is the most gorgeous in the evening, in the light of the countless lanterns.

Note: there was  two Tommy Hilfiger shops in the small old town. The majority of the tourists from the cruise ships are from America, so is Tommy Hilfiger. Why would you travel to the another side of the globe to buy the exactly same stuff that is made (well not actually made, but designed at least, I hope) in your own country? At least there isn't ANY McDonalds restaurants in there, nor do I remember seeing them anywhere in Croatia: hooray!

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